Saturday, November 3, 2007



seems tat many ppl tat rite blog now stop riting liao.. so i rite sumthing stupid la.

lately ppl alwaz says tat they irritate the god of lonelyness, so they now pay de consequences of being lonely, not oni coz no fren, but oso go gal/ boy frens.

i think, most of ppl r like tat.

yes, v haf frens. but not long-term de frens.

like me, i've been having stable relationships( ;-P ) wit allota frens in my primary skol, until i cant notice tat thr a much bigger sky out there.

then, i went into 2ndary skol. all my frens(so called best frens at tat time) r seperated, oni left wit 1 ppl at i noe since year 1 in primary, n one which i m quite familiar wit. but then, v din contact much n i had my own frens since then.

things went really good, i even fall in luf wit 1 of my very best fren. then things started 2 get bad.

form 4. our class had been divided. yes, i have a few close frens. but none of them were in de same class wit me in my new class. not even my gf de time. so how? lifes continue. i have 2 get use 2 all de faces in de class, get 2 noe more frens, learn 2 becum a listener, start "duo luo"'ing(which means ponteng, singing in class, kacau'ing gals...)

finally finish f4, f5, whr finally me n my classmates r getting closer, v need 2 separate again. like me n my gf did in start of f5. hated tat. but wat can do? separete means separate lo. sad ma sad lo, lifes stil have 2 go on..

then f6.

no close fren from f5 was in tat class. luckily i had my 2 good frens back in thr. n i oso started all over again, noe more ppl, frens, close 2 more ppl, in de same time healing my wound from, ermmm, so-called puppy luv(which i dun agree).. but yes, i did enjoy my 2 years in my f6. all de ppl i noe. esp de big big meng hon. duno how he doing in Bali. (lucky him. din kena bomb o tsunami...)

then, uni liao lo.

no need 2 say la, evy1 is separated. even in de same uni, but coz in diff residential coll, veli hard 2 meet de. so how? go noe more ppl lo. haih... tis time a bit cham la, coz i noe tat ppl i noe tis year maybe not in de same course wit me next year. so i can oni choose(or force) to noe ppl in de same coll wit me. so i noe 2 silly ppl, cleanspring n terence. n my christian roommate, harry potter chicken little jenhann.. these r de ppl tat is close 2 me from 1st year til now.

then 2nd year in my uni life. i've got my major in a course whr Rain Lum( lum yuzhong)(more commonly noe as drenching under de rain in mandarin). yes, its microbiology. n once again, yes, none of my close fren were in de same course wit me. so, same process again lo. lazy 2 type. u noe wat u wanna say. but veli veli happy 2 say tat, all my course mate r good, frenly, nice, pretty, smart, n handsome, like me. i enjoy playin microbes wit them. (wakaka, wat de f..k tat ecolee n summore wat thing i 4got.)(sum1 pls send de list of microbes 2 me pls...^_^

conclusion is, in my whole life, i nv had a close fren tat can accompany me in most of my activities. scouting, choir, lyrics writing, story writin, reading, tackling, studyin,examin workin, sleeping... for almoz evy activities tat i joined, all de frens r from diff habitate, niche. yes, v formed guild, but so wat... diff species means diff species..

ok la, frankly speakin. i enjoy my life, at least until now. no matter how sucks ppl think i m, i enjoyed. tat is enuf. all my frens r happy when i present. coz not happy oso they muz pretend. silly rite? but happy. enuf lo.

life is about happy...

so. wat m i tryin 2 tell here? i oso duno.

tell me wat did u get la!! waakaka...

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