Thursday, April 30, 2009

Certified. Finale. Officially declare ended. Part 1

All my coursemates, some of u maybe celebrating now, some of u maybe on your way back to hometown n some of u might still be struggling wit ur own paper..

but for me, its fair to declare tat it all ended now.

I'd juz finished my last paper, cancer n tumourigenesis.straight after the ketua peperiksaan announce stop writing, i heard Moira saying:

"Tats it. V r free!!!"

Yes, v r finallly free. a gush of happy rush to my heart, n then, suddenly i felt sad.

tats it. v r free, and, its de end of our undergraduates life.

weird, happy and sad at de same moment.. when i was driving back to my coll, de sad emotion dominated, n i felt like tears r coming out. but luckily it didnt. (for de pass few week i had been emotional, feeling sad to leave tis place. perhaps, affected by my choir peers, mandy n muicing.. hehe..)

sorry to all, for not being able to join u all for de K-session tat suppose to be going on now.. presenting a song tat shud be sung by me now.. hehe..

hope v can stil contact each other in de future.. v wil sure meet again sometimes, as

"Microbes are EVERYWHERE..."

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