Thursday, September 28, 2006


duno y i write blog oso

2day suddenly got mood go library n use d pc there...stupid pc, run slower even than my house dialin network!!! n stupid lecturer!!!cancel class witout early notice!

but luckily she did. if not i wont be reading so many KB's blog 2day...

my UNI in um...enmmm....wat can i say?

long time din play DOTA ady, but tis few days c ppl playin suddenly got some duno er..

but wat happy is tat i haf some new experience: i wrote song lyrics ady!!!! de 1st lyrics i ever write le! thou not veli gud la, but still a try...hahaha

1 more experience i haf 2 share... i juz found out tat actually i haf d potential 2 becum 'na pet'... u noe 'na pet'?? girlly boy lo...haha

tis is when i started actin in our resident college's tanglung fest sket... i act as a 'na pet'  teacher... how? i 2 geng till now evy 1 still recon me as 'na pet' teacher....ARGHHHHH..... i m veli MAN de le!!! i like gals de le!!! i got my nu shen(goddess)de le!!! thou long time din c her liao...

weng keat...u all noe wat is PALAPES?

de full name i duno la, but its juz like RELA, de reserve army tt start trainin since UNI life...he shave his head, tacklin MALAY GALS....hahaha... ei, mei yien, he 4got u liao la!!! move on, leave him...hgahahaha

go lu.... later got class. hope d stupid lecturer cancel his class oso then i can go back n sleep...


  1. haha..itz great to noe bout wat u guys did in um here!!so lonely here..though got new frens here, still miss all d f6 frens...^^

  2. nvm, i oso din 'play' wit weng keat much, but alwaz go his room, 'play' his roommate from malacca, haha...

    new frens? got leng lui onot? my residential college no leng lui le, so cham... or i kau u oso can? haha


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