Sunday, December 23, 2007


SNAKE found in 9th residential coll of UM a few days ago. a real snake, quite big de.Dscn5148_1

quite an idiot snake, lyin in front of coll gate, mid of a road in mid nite. lucky snake, no car pass thru de time, if not sure squeeze into fresh meat, o juice..

de snake discovered by a choir senior, when v plan 2 go yamcha tat nite. my god, nv tot tat he can be so excited when he found de snake lying in mid of the road. jumpin like a KID... real kid. lucky him oso, found 2 snake in 3 weeks time. then he called bomba.


e~o~e~o~bomba came, 5/6 guys jumpin down wit all those equipment 2 catch de snake. they caught it, put it in a metal box wit glass, then close it. but then, de glass on top falls on de snake. so de bomba haf 2 take de snake out, repair de box, then put in again.
then e~o~e~o~ de bomba leave liao, witout sayin good bye. but v did, v did say good bye 2 de snakey....hehe

then v go yamcha as plan lo. sum1 ordered nasi lemak wit egg. not sum1, but many. i noe thr r many guys, so many egg. but there is oni 1 snake!! end of story.



  1. noob. in sarawak here everywhere can see snake , can see snake in toilet , can see in library , can see on the road , can see in the faculty can see in the hostel can see in the shopping mall can see in the parking lot....

  2. mcb..
    here is veli city de, n v all r too cityboy/gal, so no c many snake around, specially such a size..

    wei, catch 1 2 rare it la, quite nice de. can create antitoxin from it oso. big fortune..

  3. eeyeh!! u knw i hate tat stupid egg sumore u go put it on! heheh...gelinyerr:-/


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