Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't pretend, if u r not..

Just to express my little disappointment.

Today i had a friend who blocked/deleted me from his friend list. This is what had happened.

You know I know everybody knows about BERSIH 2.0 last week, and a participant passed away during that day, and about all the 'lies' that our idiotic government told and trying to cover up.
Today a friend shared some blog post entitled:

Ekslusif - Konspirasi Pembunuhan Mangsa BERSIH Di Bongkar

Pembohongan video "Truth Cannot Be Covered"

Frankly speaking, I'd only felt funny when someone still believes that so many people are lying behalf of Pakatan Rakyat and etc. Despite numerous footings and photo to show the truth, they still denying it. Can't blame them for that, but what made me reacted was because my so-called-friend, saying that we cannot be only listening stories from one side, and we must be looking at all aspect. I guess he is trying to be neutral instead of only believing the mass media or internet media?

And so, I copy pasted one of the replies from the first blog onto his shared link on FB.
I refreshed a few minutes later, and found that the shared link disappeared.

Then, he shared the second blog above. I questioned:
"so what is the pembohongan in this video(Truth cannot be covered), other than some people misunderstanding that the person pengsan in the video is the person who passed away?"

This time, after I refreshed my browser I've only saw this:

The page you requested was not found.

The classic display when someone blocked/deleted you in Facebook.

Frankly speaking, I am quite disappointed albeit a bit angry with him. I thought that he SHARED these things on Facebook because he wants discussion.
Looks like I'm wrong.
I've should had guessed it. This is not the first time already.

The first time he did similar action was about an article about "Mengapa Piring Astro Menghadap Kiblat".
I am quite attracted by the title, but soon found that much claims are baseless (I even wrote a review about it) and I also posted some questions on his shared link.
Later I found that my reply was deleted without any explanation.

Well, maybe I should'nt be angry or disappointed. Some people are just not as neutral/multi-perspective as they claimed they are. These people are everywhere, HYPOCRISY, like the ministers in our cabinet. This morning he confirmed that FRU did'nt attacked hospital after meetings, then later he said that this is what the hospital commitee told him and not what he said. So, what to do?

The only entertaining thing is that my gal gal told me that she dreamt of our 'Ajib gor' ate dirty things in her dream. Funny.. hahaha..

20min after i finished writing this blog, realized something else again.
No one ever wins an argument.
So what if I won debating wit him?
This will only make him hates me more. It won't change his view, right?
I must keep reminding myself of this...

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