Tuesday, September 6, 2011



2:27 PM me: hoho
gourean: yes?
me: worth watching?
gourean: the movie
no lo...deathly virus infection in movie: infected person can die immediately
me: die immediately meh?
2:28 PM i am wondering
gourean: how the virus spread if it has such a short incubation
me: wat can come out from such movie
gourean: should ask: what else can come out from such movie?
me: yalor
and how to end it?
i am legend?
2:29 PM gourean: discovered some vaccine
some ppl scarify
me: then x-men came out
killing all infected, healing uninfected
then virus mutated
all mutant lost their power
gourean: this can be another direction
me: then human kill weakened mutants
2:30 PM then dinosaur revived
hellboy summons a t-rex
gourean: zzzz
too far
me: then suddenly sauron revives
the two towers rised
2:31 PM spartan 300 came to assist in resisting sauron
here come aliens vs predator
this time predator allied wit 300
alien kena teruk
then come ultraman
gourean: zzzzz
me: finally,
2:32 PM human killed ultraman wit a bullet
the presiden
its the president who killed ultraman!!!
the world is saved
2:33 PM gourean: who kill the president?
2:34 PM me: no a
end of story dy
unless u wan the president to fall in love with x-man, the mystic.....
gourean: life continue
me: then u can line in wit marvel universe
2:35 PM really got a virus who infects mutants, weakening their power until became normal person de
its in the story
2:36 PM gourean: zzzz



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