Friday, May 6, 2011

Question on 'Truth and Lies about MyEmail'

Today Senator Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and CEO of Performance Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) came out with a statement "Truth and Lies about MyEmail". The statement first came out at Malaysiakini and can't find it yet on The Star.

Well, I can accept the statement, but I still have some questions regarding the matter:

1. Why Tricubes? If we are to use a now-established-email platform for MyEmail, why not the government collaborates directly with the giants such as Yahoo, Windows Live Mail and Gmail? Tricubes will be using Windows Live Mail anyhow...

2. Can I use my own email for the government to send me those mails instead of using MyEmail? I believe that most of us, who is both internet accessible and computer literated, already own one or more email accounts. Using those accounts which is already existed will be more convenient for us.

3. How secure is Tricubes? If information leakage can happened even to big companies like Sony, I really want to know how secure is Tricube's MyEmail. Can we hire a professional hacker to evaluate the security?

4. PEMANDU does set a KPI for Tricubes, correct? If the public refuses to use the email service, and the company failed to achieve its KPI (50% of public uses the service at duno which year, and 100% by dunno which year), what would both the company and PEMANDU do?

Well, there are tonnes of questions around waiting to be asked. Why not Dato’ Sri Idris Jala/PEMANDU hold a forum and interact with the public (not only for this case, but other policies too)?


  1. ok, correction, a statement posted, but in the advertorial of major newspapers, not a news article itself...

  2. same...i also got question no 2


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