Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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The most breaking news of yesterday is, our Prime Minister announced that all Malaysian adult above 18 years old will be provided with a free email account by Malaysia government. From the response we all observed, everyone with common sense objects the idea(well, I thought that common sense died long time ago. Seems like I'm wrong! :-P).

There's even a Facebook group named 1M Malaysians who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia email . The number of person who likes the group is increasing every second, practically. In less than 24 hours, the number now reaches 24004! Still increasing with every refresh.

Kinda funny. Go through the comments in the page and you'll find many funny comments.
(I particullary like my friend's comment: don have such big dicks wear such big condoms...=_=)
How can Malaysia government be that stupid to make such a stupid decision? Rm50million for setting up email accounts when you can get it free from Google, Yahoo and Hotmail?
And tell me, how can malaysian not vote to change such government???

Malaysians now are so IT intelligent, someone even found the beta version of the website that is supposed to provide us the free email account:
25GB of space! Not bad!

I actually quite admire the ambition of our government. Last year they intended to out-compete the famous social network, Facebook by introducing their own social network, the
Curious to find out how many users they have though. Have any of you tried it?

Then now they try to replace Google and Yahoo with this MyEmail?
Wow... We really have great government!

By the way, great work to the editor of the photo below:

Photo edited by Srikanth Siva, from Facebook.
Like the created dialogue..


  1. I dun even knw got such social website...

  2. duno ler... hahaha...
    hot news too last year.. go, go promote for me.. hahaha


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